Retail Card Payment

Wide and practical Implementation experience and deep payment domain Specification and compliance understanding helps reduce time and successful Easy Implementation

Payment Equipment/Device Manufacturer

End-to-End Terminal Type Approval consultancy and solution services which includes development, support and maintenance of following activities

EMV Level 2 Kernel ICS form filling

EMV Level 2 Kernel software development, Level 2 software maintenance including incorporation of Specification Updates (SUs)/Application Notes (AUs)/Bulletins

EMVCo TTA (Level 2 Terminal Type Approval) pre-certification test case execution, support during debug session, and EMV Level 2 Terminal Type Approval (TTA) renewals

M-TIP and ADVT pre-certification test case executions and software development and maintenance support

Point of Sale (PoS) Terminal Applications

Credit / Debit Application

Pre-Paid and Loyalty application on device

NFC interface support

mPoS solution

Consultancy to make mPoS device (dongle) with CHIP and PIN compliant (EMV Level 1 and PCI PTS requirement consultancy)

Customizing and porting EMV Level 2 Kernel on mPoS device (dongle)

Mobile mPoS application to interface with mPoS device (dongle)

Acquirer certification support

Financial Institution

EMV Migration Services

EMV Knowledge training session / workshop

EverExpanse’s hands on training workshop program provides the necessary know-how to the business and IT-staff

The workshop and training material is generated from the field working experience and best practises gained from acquirers, issuers and merchants implementation

Key Management knowledge and Concepts

Issuers and Personalization Bureaus

Chip Card Profiling and personalization data preparation (P3)

Chip Card Issuance and P3 System requirement and integration

Card Personalization Validation requirement and chip card profile certification consultancy (CPV and VPA)

Network Integration and Validation interface testing and pre-certification support (executing test cases before submitting for certification)


Network Integration and Validation interface testing and pre-certification support (executing test cases before submitting for certification)

M-TIP and ADVT certification requirement consultancy

Consultancy services to migrate the existing magstripe card issuance platform to EMV Chip Card Issuance, which incorporates payment network/association (for e.g. MasterCard, VISA, Discover, Amex) interface pre-certification support

Transaction Processing System

Solution and services for Transaction Processing system for Acquirer and Processor

Consulting and services for Network Integration and Validation Pre-Certification (Test case script execution and log file preparation)

Application development for ATM, PoS and mPoS, Kiosk that interoperates with smart cards through an Internet browser and uses the card as identification tokens and cryptographic services

HSM Usage Knowledge and Key Management Concepts.

Software POS Application Development

Software POS Application Development

EverExpanse provides following pos application, software application development services

Bespoke Software development for

EMV Implementation

Any retail card payment domain applications

Smart Card Application Development

Card Payment Application for smart cards, which includes following but not limited to below listed

EMV application (M/Chip, VSDC, AEIPS, D-PAS)

SAM (Security Access Module) applications



Financial Inclusion (FI) application on SCOSTA cards

SCOSTA based financial inclusion smart card applications

Application in compliance to PCI DSS requirements

Device application to implement PCI P2PE requirements

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