SQL Server Support

Our array of services include on-premise database support, Azure cloud DB support, T-SQL development support, Performance Tuning and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Reporting Services (SSRS).

SQL Server Support

EverExpanse is providing enterprise level support and solutions focusing on requirements in the Microsoft data platform. We are a team of certified SQL Developers, DBAs working on all kinds of SQL Server solutions for many organizations across the globe. We deliver efficiency-enhancing SQL Server database solutions.

SQL Server Remote Support

We offer the best in-class MS SQL Server Remote Support catering to your processes & needs. Our remote SQL Server DBA services are designed to be adapted to client requirements. These flexible offerings allow you to pay a monthly service fee or pay as you go, based on the coverage level you require.

Our remote DBA services include the following :

Production DB availability monitoring

DB server hardware monitoring

Preventive database monitoring

Database performance monitoring

Fault Management & monitoring

Fixing critical DB problems

Back-up process strategy

Quick Response time for critical alerts

Software upgrades, fixes, patches.

Performance tuning & optimization

Development team support

Custom app/scripts monitoring.

DR management & common failures.

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SQL Server Consulting

We offer the best in-class MS SQL Server Consulting services, with the help of cutting edge technologies and our in-house tools, standards and script.

We provides dedicated SQL Server Experts of a SQL Server DBA expert. We help you to plan, design, develop and implement all your database needs.

We mainly consult and help our customer on below area:

SQL Server Migration

Data Migration

Code review and Improvement

SQL Server Upgrade

Setup disaster recovery solutions

Configure and troubleshoot replication

SQL Server Optimization

SQL Server Performance Improvement

SQL Server Audit

Performance Tuning & Analysis

For any application, scalability and high performance are crucial and important. We give concrete performance recommendations. We investigate performance impacting issues and drill down to the root cause and we implement the same. This gives our customers, the ability to leverage existing infrastructure for increasing data demands.

The performance tuning and analysis process is sliced into the following modules:

Hardware Optimization

Optimizing the SQL Server configuration

Optimizing the application SQL code

SSIS - Script and Flow Optimization

Performance Tuning

SQL Server Upgrade

Optimizing the DB design

Query optimization

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Cloud Database Managed Services

We help to migrate database from on-premises to the cloud, design and deploy cloud databases or manage existing cloud Azure SQL. We help you to choose the right kind of cloud services, configuration based on your requirement, aide in the cost estimation/optimization process and monitoring alerts on various level including manages various compliances & security.

We also provide ongoing support to clients who already have their DB setup on cloud and help them fully leverage the benefits of cloud. Our cloud services include the following :

Cloud migration assessment

Data migration to the cloud

24/7 DBA support

Cloud Analytics

Fault Management and monitoring

Fixing critical DB problems

SQL Server Tools & Utilities

We have passionate team to innovate tools, scripts which helps to perform common DBA operations - Large partitioning, Data Migration, Common errors - AutoHeal, Deadlock monitoring and fixing, performnance monitoring, auditing and many more.

With the help of these exisiting tools - we reduce issue resolution time and DBA activity to perform better.

We have practive to prepare standard documents/SOP which helps customer in critical time.

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