EMV Kernel

If you are seeking to outsource the management of an EMV Kernel Technology and solution or integrating a third party solution, we provides the expert knowledge and experience and complete EMV contact kernel solution and development for you.

EMV Kernel Solution

Platform agnostic EMV Kernel for Embedded Systems

EverExpanse has developed EMV Software Kernel for contact which can be used by terminal manufacturers and get their terminal certify with EMVCo.

EverExpanse’s contact EMV Kernel can be used in following environments

mPoS Device Chip Card Reader

Point-of-Sale (PoS)



Smartphones and Tablets

EMV Kernel architecture brief

The EMV Level 2 Kernel Application sits in between the terminal applications and other hardware interfaces layers

The EMV Level 2 Kernel interacts with Terminal application existing APIs and is an abstracted layer from the terminal application and it’s operating system. This way EMV Level 2 Kernel is platform agnostic.

EverExpanse EMV Kernel Experiences / Credentials

EMV Kernel for mPoS device

EMV Kernel for PoS counter top device

Configurable EMV Kernel that supports Online Only as well as Offline with Online capability Terminal Type

PCI PTS certification, PCI PTS Hardware design

EMVCo TTA, EMVCo Level 2 contact type Approval, EMVCo Terminal Type Approval and Certification

Point Of Sale (Pos) Terminal Application Development

EMV Training Services

Retail Banking Card Payment Solutions Services - Inquire us today.

PCI PTS certification, PCI PTS Hardware design :

The PIN Entry device at Point of Sale (PoS) chip card acceptance should comply to PCI PTS specification to pass PCI PTS certification.

The latest Pin Transaction Security (PTS) released by PCI is June 2015 version 4.1 / 4.x

EverExpanse provides domain consultancy to design device hardware as per PCI PTS Hardware design requirements

EMVCo TTA, EMVCo Level 2 contact type Approval, EMVCo Terminal Type Approval and Certification :

EMVCo is a consortium facilitate worldwide interoprability and acceptance of chip card.

EMVCo TTA defines the specification of Terminal Type Approval and its TTA. EMVCo TTA (EMVCO Terminal Type Approval and Certification) is both for contact and contactless.

EverExpanse Consultancy Services helps in desing the device as per EMVCo Level 1 contact and contactless requirements.

EverExpanse port the EMV Level 2 contact kernel on the POS Hardware device and provide services to get EMVCo Level 2 contact type Approval - Inquire us today.

Pos Application Development Services, Point Of Sale (Pos) Terminal Application, POS Application :

The accpetance to CHIP and PIN card at Point of Sale requires an upgrade to POS Application.

This Point Of Sale (PoS) Terminal application also has to go for payment schemes certification like MTIP for MasterCard, ADVT for VISA card acceptance.

EverExpanse PoS Application Development Services has skilled resources with card payment domain experince can build POS application for CHIP card acceptance, execute pre-define MTIP and ADVT testcases.

EMV Training, EMV Training Services :

Worldwide the magstripe card is migrating to EMV with CHIP and PIN infrastructure. This Migrating From Magstripe To Emv Chip Card requires issuers, acquirers and merchant understand EMV.

EverExpanse Consultancy Services (EverExpanse) has defined the EMV Training program that helps issuer, acquirer and merchant understand all it required for EMV Migration.

EverExpanse EMV Traing Services, covers following for Migrating From Magstripe To Emv Chip Card Implementation: - EMV Market Background - Business Drivers for EMV Migration - EMV Key Management & Security Features - EMV Impacts on Card Issuance - EMV Security Techniques - Transaction Security - Transaction Impacts(Magstrips Vs EMV) - Acquirer Impacts

Retail Banking Card Payment Solutions

Retail Card Payment Domain solution is changing drastically and form factor of payment mode is changing to digital, mobile payment with MPOS solutions. Digital card payment in India is picking up.

In India many companies are coming with MPOS solution, EverExpanse Consultancy provies solution on MPOS, help company design the CHIP and PIN card reader that accepts chip card, this reader connects to Mobile smart phone application that provides MPOS solution.

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