EMV Level 1 Certification

EverExpanse provides consultancy to ensure physical hardware capabilities of a payment card or device, ensuring its electro-mechanical components meet the required specifications.

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EMV Level 1 Certification

We provide testing and certification consultancy EMV Level 1 testing the terminal chip reader for compliance with the mechanical and electrical protocols in the EMV Chip Specifications, which covers the transfer of data between the terminal and the card, smartphone, watch or other device for making card-based payments.

EverExpanse provides solutions for Device and Terminal manufacturers to ensure if payment cards, devices and acceptance terminals comply with the EMV Chip Specifications and are EMV-compliant along with Performance and compatibility.

Other Solutions and Consultancy Services

EverExpanse other Solutions and Consultancy services for

EMV Chip Contact

We provide comprehensive solutions for EMV Chip Contact technology, ensuring secure, reliable, and compliant payment transactions. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of EMV certification processes, from Level 1 hardware integration to Level 2 kernel implementation and beyond. We guide you through the complexities of EMV deployment, ensuring your systems meet the highest security standards and operate seamlessly across various payment networks.

EMV Chip Contactless

Our consultancy services for EMV Chip Contactless technology focus on enabling fast, secure, and convenient payment experiences. We help you implement and certify contactless payment solutions that comply with global standards. Our team supports you through the entire lifecycle, from initial planning and development to testing and certification, ensuring your contactless solutions are robust and user-friendly.


EverExpanse offers expert guidance in developing and integrating mobile payment solutions, including NFC and app-based payments. We assist in creating secure mobile payment environments that meet industry standards and consumer expectations. Our services include mobile wallet integration, security enhancements, and compliance with the latest mobile payment protocols, ensuring a seamless and secure mobile payment experience.

QR Code

We provide solutions for implementing QR Code payments, enabling quick and secure transactions through scanning technology. Our consultancy covers the development and integration of QR Code payment systems, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and compliance with security standards. We help you leverage QR Code technology to enhance customer convenience and expand your payment acceptance options.

Secure Remote Commerce (SRC)

Our Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) consultancy services focus on creating safe and streamlined online shopping experiences. We guide you in implementing SRC standards to protect customer data and prevent fraud during remote transactions. Our expertise ensures that your e-commerce platform is secure, compliant, and capable of delivering a frictionless checkout process, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.

3-D Secure (3DS)

EverExpanse provides consultancy for 3-D Secure (3DS) implementation, enhancing the security of online card transactions. We assist you in integrating 3DS protocols to authenticate cardholders and reduce fraud. Our services cover the entire 3DS lifecycle, from initial assessment and integration to testing and certification, ensuring your online payment systems are secure and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Payment Tokenisation

Our payment tokenization consultancy helps you secure sensitive payment data by replacing it with unique tokens. We guide you in implementing tokenization solutions that protect cardholder information during transactions, reducing the risk of data breaches. Our expertise ensures that your tokenization strategy is robust, scalable, and compliant with industry standards, providing an additional layer of security for your payment systems.

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