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EverExpanse has developed EMV contactless Kernel which can be used by terminal manufacturers and get their terminal certified with EMVCo.

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Contactless and tap and go payment transactions are increasing day by day, globally. EMV Contactless Kernel supports various types of stores, malls and various types of businesses with EMV contactless kernel, tap on phone, NFC solutions (Near field communication) setup mobile devices did not require the physical contact with the payment receive device. Customers tap and wave the device on a payment terminal or payment device to complete the transaction. Then the kernel generates a one time password or security code for every transaction.

If you are seeking to outsource the management of an EMV Kernel Technology and solution or integrating a third party solution, we provide the expert knowledge and experience and complete EMV contactless kernel solution and development for you.

EverExpanse Contactless EMV Kernel

How EMV Contactless Kernel Works

Your POS is the beginning of the transaction. It instructs the telemetry terminal to activate the contactless reader and start scanning for cards.

As the customer taps their phone or card, the card data is read without delay and encrypted or decrypted by the anthology.

Protected, this data is communicated over the Internet to a remote back office and your selected payment gateway or terminal.

The gateway handles the checks for the financial institution and responds with an "undertake" or "deny" communication.

This feedback is forwarded back up the chain to the reader and your point of sale.

Amounts accumulated from your deals are also regularly wired to your bank by the acquiring bank.

Platform agnostic EMV Kernel for Embedded Systems

EverExpanse’s contactless EMV Kernel can be used in following environments

mPOS Device Chip Card Reader

Point-of-Sale (POS)



Smartphones and Tablets

EMV Kernel architecture brief

The EMV Level 2 Kernel Application sits in between the terminal applications and other hardware interfaces layers.

The EMV Level 2 Kernel interacts with Terminal application existing APIs and is an abstracted layer from the terminal application and its operating system. This way EMV Level 2 Contactless Kernel is platform agnostic.

EverExpanse EMV Contactless Kernel Experiences / Credentials

EMV Contactless Kernel for mPOS device

EMV Contactless Kernel for POS counter top device

EMV Contactless Kernel for tap-on-Phone

PCI PTS certification, PCI PTS Hardware design

EMVCo TTA, EMVCo Level 2 contactless type Approval, EMVCo Terminal Type Approval and Certification

Point Of Sale (POS) Terminal Application Development

EMV Training

Retail Banking Card Payment Solutions Services

Case Studies

Our case studies demonstrate our expertise and the value we can bring to your business. Leading mPOS Payment solutions, outdoor payment terminal - Fuel Dispenser, KIOSK Manufacturer, EMV Level 2 Kernel etc.

Case Study 1

Leading mPOS payment solution provider - India

Case Study 2

Leading outdoor payment terminal manufacturer for fuel dispenser - Europe

Case Study 3

KIOSK Manufacturer to accept CHIP and PIN card - India

Case Study 4

EMV Level 2 Kernel upgrade and maintenance


EMV Contactless Kernel is a payment technology that enables fast and secure contactless transactions using credit, debit or prepaid cards. It is based on the EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) standard, which is a global standard for chip-based payment cards.

The EMV Contactless Kernel supports near field communication (NFC) technology, which allows users to make payments by simply tapping their card or mobile device against a contactless payment terminal.

EMV Contactless Kernel works by using a combination of radio frequency identification (RFID) and contactless payment terminals. The payment terminal emits an electromagnetic field that powers the RFID chip in the payment card or mobile device. The chip then communicates with the payment terminal to initiate the transaction and exchange payment information.

EMV Contactless Kernel offers several benefits to both merchants and consumers. For merchants, it enables faster transaction times and reduces the need for cash handling. For consumers, it offers a more convenient and contactless payment experience. Additionally, EMV Contactless Kernel uses advanced security features to protect against fraud, making it a safe and secure payment option.

EMV Contactless Kernel uses several advanced security features to protect against fraud and ensure a safe and secure payment experience. These features include dynamic authentication which generates a unique code for each transaction and encryption, which secures payment information during transmission.

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