Comprehensive EMV Certification Services for Banks by EverExpanse

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Explore EverExpanse's detailed EMV Certification Services designed for banks. Our tailored approach ensures seamless EMV compliance, enhanced security, and reduced fraud risk. Discover how we support you through every step of the certification process.

EverExpanse offers comprehensive EMV Certification Services to banks, facilitating a smooth transition to secure and compliant EMV chip card transaction processing. The EMV certification process is intricate, involving several stages designed to ensure the payment infrastructure is robust, secure, and capable of handling EMV transactions. EverExpanse's services encompass the entire certification lifecycle, from initial planning to live deployment and continuous monitoring. Here's a detailed overview of how EverExpanse guides banks through the EMV Certification Process.

1. Planning and Preparation

  • Understanding EMV Standards

    EverExpanse begins by helping banks understand the complex EMV standards and specifications. This foundational knowledge is crucial for ensuring compliance with global payment system requirements.

  • Technology Partnership and Support

    Leveraging its expertise in EMV solutions, EverExpanse acts as a technology partner, providing banks with the necessary hardware, software, and technical support for EMV transactions.

  • Gap Analysis and Consultation

    EverExpanse conducts a thorough gap analysis to identify discrepancies between the bank's current payment processing systems and EMV requirements, offering tailored advice on upgrades and modifications.

2. Integration and Development

  • System Upgrades and Custom Development

    Based on the gap analysis findings, EverExpanse assists banks in upgrading or developing their systems to support EMV chip transactions, ensuring compatibility and compliance with EMV standards.

  • Internal Testing and Validation

    Before proceeding to official certification, EverExpanse supports banks in conducting comprehensive internal testing of their EMV-enabled systems, identifying and addressing any issues early in the process.

3. Certification with Payment Schemes

  • Pre-Certification Testing

    EverExpanse provides pre-certification testing services, facilitating early detection of potential issues before formal certification testing with payment networks such as Visa and MasterCard.

  • Formal EMV Certification Process

    EverExpanse navigates banks through the formal certification testing with each relevant payment network, managing the comprehensive testing process to cover various transaction scenarios and ensuring successful certification.

  • Remediation Support

    Should any issues arise during certification testing, EverExpanse offers remediation support, helping banks resolve these issues promptly and efficiently, followed by resubmission for certification if necessary.

4. Acquirer and Processor Integration

  • Seamless Integration Testing

    EverExpanse ensures seamless integration of the bank's EMV-compliant systems with acquirer and payment processor platforms, facilitating smooth transaction processing and settlement.

  • End-to-End Testing Services

    Through end-to-end testing, EverExpanse verifies the entire payment process, from the point of sale to settlement, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance.

5. Live Deployment and Continuous Monitoring

  • Pilot and Full Deployment

    EverExpanse supports banks in conducting a controlled pilot launch, followed by a full deployment of the EMV-compliant system, overseeing the transition to ensure minimal disruption.

  • Ongoing Compliance and Monitoring

    Post-deployment, EverExpanse provides continuous monitoring and compliance services, helping banks maintain high security standards, identify fraud patterns, and ensure ongoing adherence to EMV regulations.

EverExpanse EMV Certification Services offer banks a holistic and expert-guided approach to achieving EMV compliance. From initial planning and system development to formal certification and live deployment, EverExpanse stands by banks every step of the way, ensuring a secure, compliant, and efficient transition to EMV chip card processing. This comprehensive support not only enhances transaction security but also significantly reduces the risk of card fraud, providing banks and their customers with peace of mind.

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