EMV Certification

Obtain EMV Certification or Payment Terminal Certification through EverExpanse and enhance trust and acceptance worldwide for your services with EMV L1, L2 and L3. The advantages include improved security, global recognition, customer confidence and adherence to regulatory standards | compliance. EMV Certification levels are spine of Payment Industry.

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EMV Certification | Payment Terminal Certification

EMV Certification or Payment Terminal Certification is a vital process that ensures the security and integrity of payment transactions. It ensures that payment devices, such as card terminals, adhere to strict security and compatibility standards. Adhering to this standard not only ensures regulatory compliance but also builds customer trust and loyalty. Our EMV Certification or Payment Terminal Certification services guarantee that your payment systems meet strict EMVCo Certification standards, providing top-notch security to your customers. With our expert team support, you'll navigate the complex requirements seamlessly, from assessment to approval. Benefits include enhanced security, global acceptance, customer trust and regulatory compliance. Our streamlined process includes rigorous testing and documentation and we offer post-certification support to keep your solutions up-to-date. Achieve EMV Certification or Payment Terminal Certification with us and invest in a safer payment future!

EMV Certification Levels

EverExpanse offers EMV Certification Levels (L1, L2, L3), each catering to different aspects of payment solutions and security. These certifications help vendors become complaince as per Payment Industry Standards.

l1 certification

EMV Level 1 Certification

Unlock the potential of your payment devices with EverExpanse's comprehensive L1 Certification support services. Our expert consultancy ensures that your terminals chip readers comply with EMV specifications, meeting the highest standards in data transfer for card-based payments. Whether it's EMV Chip Contact, Contactless, Mobile, QR Code, Secure Remote Commerce (SRC), 3-D Secure (3DS) or Payment Tokenisation, our solutions and services cater to device and terminal manufacturers, ensuring seamless EMV-compliant performance and unmatched compatibility.

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EMV Level 2 Certification

EverExpanse supports manufacturers and businesses by providing comprehensive EMV Level 2 Contact and Contactless Kernel solutions. Our testing and certification services ensure compliance with major payment schemes like Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover and RuPay. Our expert assists clients in customizing L2 kernels as per their requirements and supports end-to-end implementation testing and certification. We specialize in EMV chip contact, contactless, mobile, QR Code, Secure Remote Commerce (SRC), 3-D Secure (3DS) and Payment Tokenization. With EMV Level 2 testing and approval, we enable card, device and terminal manufacturers to provide secure and compatible payment technology, benefiting merchants and consumers worldwide.

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Emv l2 certification

EMV Level 3 Certification

EverExpanse offers expert assistance for EMV Level 3 (L3) certification testing, ensuring seamless integration of your EMV payment or cash dispensing terminal with merchant or bank systems. L3 certification guarantees end-to-end transaction acceptance by validating compliance with payment systems like Mastercard, Visa, RuPay, Discover and Amex. Our streamlined testing process, using qualified L3 test tools, enhances efficiency and reduces complexity for all parties involved. With standardized testing and faster response times, EverExpanse empowers acquirers with a digitized, self-administered process, making it easier to meet marketplace demands.

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PCI-PTS Certification

PCI-PTS Certification is essential for secure PIN Entry devices in POS chip card acceptance. Compliance with the June 2015 version 4.1/4.x of PCI-PTS is crucial. Domain consultancy specialized in hardware design ensures meeting all requirements for certification. This includes encryption, tamper resistance, physical security and secure key management. PCI-PTS Certification enhances credibility, instills confidence and protects customer data. Secure POS systems contribute to a safer payment ecosystem, preventing breaches and fraud. Businesses should prioritize obtaining this certification to demonstrate commitment to security best practices and safeguard sensitive information. Trustworthy PIN Entry devices benefit both organizations and customers alike.

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