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Discover EMVCo's guidelines for L2 certification in the payment domain. Ensure secure and compliant payment terminals with thorough testing and adherence to EMV specifications.

EMV L2 testing is an essential part of the certification process for payment terminals, ensuring their compliance with EMV specifications. This comprehensive testing covers various aspects such as card authentication, transaction processing, risk management and terminal interaction. Following the guidelines provided by EMVCo, thorough testing helps identify and address potential vulnerabilities, enhancing the overall security of payment transactions.

In the payment domain, EMVCo has established guidelines for L2 certification to ensure the security and interoperability of payment terminals. These guidelines outline the steps involved in the certification process, helping manufacturers meet the necessary compliance requirements. Let's explore the EMVCo guidelines for L2 certification in the payment domain in brief.

Steps Involved in the EMV L2 Certification Process

The EMV L2 certification process consists of several key steps, which align with the guidelines set forth by EMVCo. Let's take a closer look at each one:

Pre-certification Planning

Before commencing the certification process, payment terminal manufacturers must familiarize themselves with the relevant EMVCo specifications and regional mandates. This helps them determine the scope of certification, including the supported payment transaction types, such as contact and contactless.

Creating a Comprehensive Test Plan

Manufacturers approach the accredited test labs to develop a detailed test plan based on the EMVCo guidelines, covering all the necessary test scenarios. These scenarios encompass card authentication, transaction processing, risk management and terminal interaction, ensuring comprehensive testing and compliance with EMV standards.

Executing the Tests

Accredited test labs execute the test plan by conducting a series of tests on merchants payment terminals. These tests involve critical functions such as card insertion, PIN verification, data encryption, transaction authorization and error handling. All test results are meticulously recorded and documented as per the guidelines outlined by EMVCo.

Preparing the Test Report

Upon completion of the test execution phase, accredited test labs compile a comprehensive test report summarizing the results. This report provides valuable insights into the terminal's compliance with EMV specifications and highlights any issues encountered during testing, adhering to the reporting guidelines set by EMVCo.

Evaluation by EMVCo or Accredited Laboratories

The test report is then submitted to EMVCo Following the evaluation guidelines set by EMVCo, they review the report, assess the terminal's compliance and may request additional tests or clarifications if necessary.

Certification Approval

Upon successful evaluation, EMVCo grants the certification approval. This certification signifies that the payment terminal meets all the EMV requirements and is capable of securely processing payment transactions in accordance with the guidelines set by EMVCo.

EMV L2 certification is instrumental in ensuring the security and interoperability of payment terminals in today's digital landscape. By strictly adhering to the guidelines provided by EMVCo and successfully completing the rigorous certification process, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to delivering secure payment solutions.

EverExpanse, a leading provider of testing and certification services for payment terminals, specializes in helping manufacturers with EMV L2 testing and certification while adhering to the guidelines established by EMVCo. Leveraging their extensive experience and expertise, EverExpanse ensures that payment terminals meet all the necessary compliance requirements.


EMV L2 Certification is vital as it assures consumers and merchants that payment terminals comply with rigorous security standards, safeguarding against fraudulent activities.
EMV L2 testing rigorously examines payment terminals, identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring they meet the security requirements outlined by EMVCo.
No, payment terminals must undergo the EMV L2 certification process and meet the specified standards to obtain the certification.
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